Interiors x Art
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About The IXA Experience


INTERIORS X ART= The perfect intersection.

 The IXA is a new concept launched by noted interior and furniture designer Jennifer Ridel, in collaboration with Alexandra Schafer & Alex Ray of the international VELVENOIR Network. THE IXA is a showroom outside of a typical brick-and-mortar showroom that invites everyone to experience contemporary art and the latest interior design trends in a completely new way—both in person and online The IXA has their own app, which allows visitors and non-visitors to not only experience the space virtually, but purchase any and all items within the space.  The first IXA experience will debut its first concept for one month (August 10 - September 10 ) at a spectacular modern, new home in Venice, California designed by Griffin-Enright Architects, built by Parrish-Roback Developers.